Who we are

Hi, I'm Shanna and I am the founder and creator at Cliffside Soaps. I am married with six children so my home can get busy. I was suffering from really bad eczema and extremely dry skin and couldn't take it anymore. I focused on what I was putting in my body internally as well as externally. That's when I started doing my research. I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not realize how many unnecessary ingredients were put in commercial soaps. I bought my first handmade bar and never turned back. I found a love for soap, I never realized I could have. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to make some myself and that is what leads me here now trying to sale my products to the masses. I want you to experience and find the same love for soap!

At Cliffside Soaps we strive to make luxury products that are safe and unique. Our small batch operation ensures we continue to offer quality over quantity. There will never be two bars that are the same. We offer soaps handcrafted with quality oils and butters scented with fragrance or essential oils. Come and support us on social media and help us grow!