Collection: Bar Soaps

Our bar soaps will provide your skin with a luxurious experience. Do you like a rich bubbly lather then try one of our milk bars. Or if you want a skin nourishing bar with rich oils that will actually go deep into skin and not only cleanse but repair skin over time. When you get out of the shower your skin should never feel squeaky clean, come and try a soap that will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated. The oils and butters in each formulation will help seal in moisture naturally in your skin. Our bars are made in small batches to ensure quality, we have bars for different needs if you have skin sensitivities then try one of our all natural bars, these bars are scented with essential oils and colored with natural colorants. If you love different fragrances from many big store brands but don't like the drying effect they produce, we make bars with fun popular scents from many big box companies. Come and grab a favorite today!